Halo Infinite hacks already in play are showing that crossplay is a problem. Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay hingers on players having a good exper...View Details

Cyberpunk 2077 worth it in 2021 is a big question many are now asking. The next big Cyberpunk DLC is getting an increase in production and resources, ...View Details

New World reviews are in decline after the most recent update. The New World Into the Void update is receiving complaints about the nerfs and other va...View Details

Elden Ring gameplay has been sampled by the public and it seems they might be sneaking in easy mode. The Elden Ring release date is still a way out, a...View Details

New World Banning Players

New World banning players was the talk of the forums in their recent post and the developers are not holding back. A recent New World exploit resurfac...View Details

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass is already being criticized and I hate to say it, but I told you so. The Halo Battle Pass system received criticism duri...View Details

New World Into the Void is a huge update landing in the game today! The New World Void Gauntlet is officially being added to the game with a crazy amo...View Details

Outriders: New Horizon and Worldslayer news was a pleasent surprise for fans of the game. There hasn't been an Outriders update in a while and they ar...View Details

New World Combat Changes

New World combat changes are coming to help with complaints about fluidity. New World weapon swap is a common complaint amongst the community as well ...View Details

My Elden Ring gameplay reaction was overwhelmingly positive but now I'm asking the question as hands-on impressions are rolling in - It is built for l...View Details

My New World Public Test Realm first impressions are mostly positive given my limited interaction with it. I especially enjoyed playing with the New W...View Details

A New World Public Test Realm Update is here and it looks very promising. It will even finally deliver the New World Void Gauntlet for players to test...View Details

My New World high water mark system will be the lead focus today. I also plan to do a New World water mark explained video as a separate upload. Many ...View Details

A New World server merges update recently arrived in the form of a response on the forums about when they will happen. With the recent New World serve...View Details

A New World wealth transfer update has hit the game while we wait for more details about their recent patch and blog. Recently "New World wealth trans...View Details

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